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BTP Pigskin Predictions: Wake Forest

So how’s this thing gonna go?

North Carolina State v Wake Forest Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images

A couple weeks after other FBS teams kicked off their season, and a week after most ACC teams did, the Wolfpack finally gets their 2020 season underway by hosting a Wake Forest team that has been a thorn in the side in recent years. After posting dominating victories over the Demon Deacons in each of the 2014, 2015, and 2016 seasons, State has suffered demoralizing losses to Wake in each of the last three seasons, including a blowout loss last year in Winston-Salem.

Will Wake Forest benefit from already having game experience in the 2020 season to extend their streak to four straight over the Wolfpack? Or will NC State prove that 2019 was an aberration and show the program is ready to take a step back up - and over Wake - on the ACC ladder?

Each BTP contributor provides their score prediction below, plus a quick blurb on their predicted outcome. Here we go!


Prediction: 27-23 (W)

Comment: “Leary is efficient passing, but running game carries the O. State’s D makes a red zone stand as the clock winds down to preserve the win.“


Prediction: 24-10 (W)

Comment: “State finally decides to lean on the run game after refusing to last year.“

Omega Wolf

Prediction: 27-16 (W)

Comment: “Pack slows Boogie’s pass rush by running right at him; defense looks refreshingly competent“


Prediction: 17-24 (L)

Comment: “Not ready to get hurt again with high expectations. We’ll likely see encouraging signs of improvements across the board but not quite enough for the W.“


Prediction: 16-24 (L)

Comment: “I can’t recall a game I was this unsure of ever. I have absolutely no idea what will happen. Go Pack.“


Prediction: 34-13 (W)

Comment: “I keep switching back and forth between a close, soul crushing loss and a surprisingly easy win that sets up unattainably high expectations (and disappointment) for the rest of season. At this moment I see the easy win but may feel differently by the time this is posted.“


Prediction: 30-24 (W)

Comment: “I have no read on this game whatsoever, and so I have no choice but to reach blindly for optimism.“

BTP Staff Cumulative Prediction: 25-19 (W)

Agree? Disagree? Sound off in the comments!