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NC State is a 13.5-point underdog to Pittsburgh

NCAA Football: Louisville at Pittsburgh Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

NC State will be a substantial road underdog for the second straight game, and after the Wolfpack’s unpleasant performance in Blacksburg, it’s difficult to argue that this is unwarranted. Pittsburgh is a 13.5-point favorite to beat NC State.

The Panthers looked pretty good in beating Louisville this past Saturday, and they’re off to a 3-0 start on the season, thanks in large part to what has been a stellar defense. They limited a good Louisville offense to just 4.4 yards per play and 223 yards of offense. Pitt has surrendered a grand total of 531 yards this year. State about near gave up that yardage just to Virginia Tech.

Pitt’s offense has been below average—4.3 YPP against Syracuse, 4.8 against Louisville—but with the defense looking elite, the offense’s issues haven’t mattered a ton. And they’re about to line up against what may be the worst FBS defense they’ve seen so far.

You never know, but it’s hard to see NC State scoring enough points to win this game.