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Philip Rivers is retiring from the NFL

Wild Card Round - Indianapolis Colts v Buffalo Bills Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images

It’s the end of an era in the NFL—not to mention the end of an era for NC State fans—because Philip Rivers is retiring, per a report from Adam Schefter. The decision comes 11 days after the Colts fell short of an upset bid of Buffalo in the playoffs.

Rivers leaves the game fifth all-time in passing yards (63,440) and passing touchdowns (421). He started 252 straight games, including the playoffs, showing incredible durability in the process. He’s a no-doubt hall of famer when that time comes, and it’s gonna be weird watching football on Sundays without seeing him on the field.

If you’re old enough—ahem—you’ve been rooting for Philip Rivers the football player in every football season of this century, going back to his freshman year at NC State in 2000. So, yeah, this is gonna be a little strange.

He went out on a good season, as he led the Colts back to the postseason while improving on his own performance from 2019. He probably had enough in the tank for another year, but I’d imagine he’s pretty weary, too. He’s played a whole lot of football the last two decades.

Here’s Philip’s statement regarding his retirement: