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Highlights! Devin Carter will say hello to you

NC State made the big plays on Saturday.

NCAA Football: North Carolina State at Boston College Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports

There was a perfect juxtaposition to Devin Carter’s touchdown catch, just a phenomenal overriding sense of “that was an incomplete pass.” There isn’t a good explanation for what materialized, but Carter made the best of what was a bad throw and snuck into the end zone with it.

That should be a back-shoulder throw to Carter, but it’s a bad miss by Devin Leary, and in the end it does not matter at all. Give Devin Carter one-on-one opportunities and he’s likely to win, though this one did strain credulity, if we’re being honest. What a brilliant play.

The second half of this game was a work of art across the board. NC State managed to answer every lingering question that existed after that Mississippi State road performance, showing pretty plainly how that was a fluke.

Boston College is by no means a bad team, even without its starting quarterback, and for State to dominate the Eagles the way they did in that second half, well, that’s a good solid piece of work. As they say in the football industry. (They probably don’t say that in the football industry.)

Go Pack.