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Louisiana Tech vs. NC State by the numbers: A tale of the 4th quarter

Those final 15 minutes featured a lot of offense.

NCAA Football: Louisiana Tech at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

NC State was out-gained for the first time this season, mostly because Louisiana Tech’s offense had a huge fourth quarter. The Bulldogs piled up 210 yards in the fourth, and that was on just three possessions. They also ran 28 plays, so it’s no huge wonder why State’s defense looked worn out toward the end.

Stats Overview

... Plays Total Yds Yds/Play Yds/PassAtt Yds/Rush
... Plays Total Yds Yds/Play Yds/PassAtt Yds/Rush
NCSU 67 418 6.24 7 5.8
Louisiana Tech 79 480 6.08 7.8 4.9

(Yds/Rush calculated with sacks removed.)

Louisiana Tech’s offense over the first three quarters: 51 snaps, 270 yards, 5.3 yards per play. In that final quarter: 28 snaps, 210 yards, 7.5 yards per play. These things will happen. We shouldn’t let the last quarter overshadow the fact that State’s defense played pretty well for the majority of the game and kept the Bulldogs out of the end zone in both the second and third quarters.

It does make me wonder what would have happened had NC State converted on that 4th down in Louisiana Tech territory with about 14 minutes left. Maybe a score there is the psychological blow that leads Tech to fold up shop. The Bulldogs sure did take advantage of the door being left open a crack there.

Lest I end this with Louisiana Tech’s offense getting all the attention, I should note that the Pack improved dramatically in the second half: 34 plays, 257 yards, 7.6 yards per play. Funny what happens when you start reeling off chunk plays on the ground.