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College football Saturday open thread

Let’s go see what comedy we can find, and which results may best help NC State.

NCAA Football: Louisiana Tech at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

We got ourselves an off week, and that means we can pay extra attention to what’s going on elsewhere, and so here is your guide to rooting interests:

— Virginia over Louisville, just to hand Louisville a second league loss. Nobody’s winning the Atlantic with fewer losses than two, and this buttresses a random loss by NC State to those dorks. Louisville has a good offense and not much else, and it’s best to set them out of the way as soon as possible, particularly by killing morale.

— Syracuse over Wake Forest, because Wake is the biggest threat in this division, and if we can find some way to make winning in Winston-Salem non-essential, that would help a lot. So it’s got to start this week. I’ll admit this is a huge wish on a non-existent star, but hey. Maybe Wake loses twice and we lose none times between the here and that meeting in Winston-Salem.

— Florida State over UNC because that would be hilarious. My only thing about this is that it would be very funny. Immaterial, but very funny.

— Chaos. Chaos is fun. When it isn’t happening to NC State; and this week, it cannot happen to NC State.