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Holiday Bowl canceled because of COVID issues within UCLA program

insert heavy sigh here

NCAA Football: Syracuse at North Carolina State William Howard-USA TODAY Sports

It was not great news when UCLA started losing players to COVID last week, and in fact it turns out that was very bad news, but the Bruins sure did keep up appearances, didn’t they? Spent a nice long weekend in San Diego, seeing the sights, before ducking out of the Holiday Bowl barely five hours before kickoff.

According to reports, UCLA’s defensive line got crushed in this round of COVID, so the Bruins did not feel comfortable playing the game tonight. That does track with known personnel absences but we’ll never know for sure because there is no oversight on this stuff.

Seems like the Bruins could have come to the conclusion they did just slightly earlier than they did, doesn’t it?

NC State’s players have been voicing their frustrations on Twitter since this news broke, and they are understandably upset over giving up Christmas at home for absolutely nothing. I hate it for everybody who invested time and money into this trip only for this to happen at the last minute.

Try to be better next time, UCLA.