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NC State closes out regular season at No. 13 in SP+

Not bad, not bad.

NCAA Football: North Carolina at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

The top tier in the ACC solidified down the stretch for SP+, and NC State is in it along with Clemson and Pittsburgh. Only one of those teams made it to the ACC title game, but hey, that’s sports for you.

It was a great season for the Wolfpack despite coming up short in the division, and it’s also encouraging that the results on the field and SP+ are mostly in agreement. State’s record is no fluke of scheduling or an exceptional amount of good fortune, which is all the more reason to feel excited about what this team is bringing back.

ACC Standings By SP+

Team Wk 14 SP+ (Rk) Offense Rank Defense Rank
Team Wk 14 SP+ (Rk) Offense Rank Defense Rank
Clemson 19.5 (8) 65 3
Pitt 19.2 (10) 4 29
NC State 16.6 (13) 37 14
Miami 11.7 (31) 24 53
Wake Forest 9.6 (39) 13 95
UNC 8.7 (46) 9 97
Louisville 8.4 (48) 30 60
FSU 8.2 (49) 56 39
Virginia 8.0 (51) 5 101
Virginia Tech 5.8 (62) 74 47
BC 1.4 (71) 83 64
Syracuse 0.9 (74) 79 56
Georgia Tech -5.8 94) 80 102
Duke -12.9 (113) 90 118

It’s also nice to avoid the disruptions of silly season, which have hit plenty of other ACC programs. Virginia, Virginia Tech, Miami, and Duke are going through head coaching changes.

Clemson lost defensive coordinator Brent Venables, who is the new head coach at Oklahoma, and could lose offensive coordinator Tony Elliott to the Duke job. Syracuse fired its offensive coordinator, while Georgia Tech fired its defensive coordinator. That’s probably not going to be the end of the movement among assistant coaches before this offseason is done.

It’s always possible that various coaching-change dominoes end up affecting NC State’s staff, but we’re living pretty stress-free right now. Feels good, man.