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Dave Doeren: ‘We need a four-quarter crowd. We need it rowdy.’

Dave wants the fans to step it up this year.

Syracuse v North Carolina State Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Dave Doeren met with the media on Monday and went on at length in his opening statement about his 2021 team, breaking things down position by position. It might be a record opening-statement length for Dave, so it seems like he’s excited for game week, too.

He also spent time speaking directly to the fans, pleading for folks to stick around for the whole game. Here’s a chunk of what he said:

We need a four-quarter crowd. We need it rowdy. I hope that you’re ready to do that. Coming back from COVID where you couldn’t really be a part of our game day, it’s now here. That’s what makes us different. We are asking for our fan base and our student section to be a 12th man that has one thing in mind, and that’s making life hell on the opponent and lifting the spirit of our team and making it hard on their team. I think we have a fan base that can do that. We need you to do that for as long as it takes. If it’s four overtimes, then it’s four overtimes, but it does give us a unique environment here when we have it the way that it can be. I expect it to be that way Thursday.

I think we have an incredible tailgate here, and I want our fan base to take advantage of that. And then I want them to be in the seats for four quarters cheering on this team that has worked their butts off for you. Make game day something that other fan bases should be jealous of. I think that’s something that we should strive for as a fan base. It’s definitely an opportunity for us to be a part of this together.

Dave sees a potential big year for his team, and he also knows that the Carter-Finley crowd can make a difference in a tight game, maybe provide that extra little boost of energy that the Pack needs to pull out a close one. So I can see where he’s coming from.

I also think the crowd might be unusually rowdy on Thursday night since it’ll be the first time back at the stadium in a good while for just about everybody.

Anyway, there’s plenty of actual football content from the presser to peruse. Unfortunately, there won’t be a depth chart release prior to the game—USF opted not to share one, so NC State ain’t gonna do it either.