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Building the best NC State quarterback by attribute

North Carlins State v Maryland Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

While the ACC Network folks were in town on Wednesday, they asked Devin Leary how he would construct the perfect NC State quarterback, using the attributes of the guys who came before him. Here’s what he said:

That’s a good effort from the young fella, but I’d like to respectfully make some adjustments, as someone who has seen every NC State quarterback in this century play for the Pack.

Arm: Mike Glennon
Throwing Motion: Philip Rivers
Name: Roman Gabriel
Legs: Ciara
Head: Russell Wilson
Head of Hair: Ryan Finley
Positive Attitude: Ryan Finley

Sorcery: Jacoby Brissett

Sideline Demeanor: Philip Rivers

Downfield Accuracy: Jaylen Samuels