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Boo Corrigan will serve as Chair of CFP Selection Committee in 2022

Hope he enjoys getting yelled at by thousands of anonymous Twitter accounts!

NCAA Football: Syracuse at North Carolina State William Howard-USA TODAY Sports

You may as well get used to seeing quite a bit more of Boo Corrigan this fall now that he has been named the next Chair of the College Football Playoff Selection Committee. Mostly he’ll be the guy on television answering the tough questions about the Committee’s thinking after the release of each new CFP top 25.

Corrigan is entering the second of a three-year term serving on the CFP Selection Committee.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: while NC State was already a shoe-in for the playoffs next season, this development could only help. Unfortunately, that is not the case, as the CFP Selection Committee’s current policies prohibit overt acts of favoritism and/or corruption. Hey, nobody’s perfect.

State simply will have to get in the old-fashioned way by going 13-0, and I think we’ll find that this route to the postseason is just as satisfying as any other. It’s not like any outside help is really necessary.