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Checking in on ACC football after Week 6

NCAA Football: Florida State at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a couple weeks since we last checked in on SP+, and you’re never gonna believe this, but Clemson is still the best team in the ACC. Yes, it’s true.

Week 6 was relatively uneventful within the league—the only somewhat surprising result was Georgia Tech beating Duke, but that game was in Atlanta, so it doesn’t exactly qualify as a shocker.

Georgia Tech is one of the teams trending up over the last fortnight:

ACC in SP+

Team SP+ Rk After Week 4 SP+ Rk After Week 6 Change
Team SP+ Rk After Week 4 SP+ Rk After Week 6 Change
Clemson 13 13 0
Wake Forest 42 30 12
NC State 20 32 -12
FSU 33 33 0
Pitt 37 42 -5
UNC 67 51 16
Miami 45 54 -9
Syracuse 59 57 2
Louisville 49 60 -11
Duke 85 77 8
Virginia 81 83 -2
Georgia Tech 103 85 18
Virginia Tech 79 86 -7
BC 93 94 -1

NC State is no longer in the top 30 overall thanks to its confoundingly bad offense, which SP+ currently ranks 71st. The Wolfpack defense ranks 12th and its special teams are 25th (seems low for the special teams), but you already knew those units weren’t the problem.

Could be worse, though: we could be Miami! Remember when Miami was back again? That was a fun three weeks. It’s too bad NC State isn’t one of those programs that gets preseason hype at even the slightest hint of competency. At least we could spend a few weeks each year living in dreamland.

SP+ remains skeptical of Syracuse, and I for one am with Bill Connelly’s computatin’ machine on this. For one thing, all of the Orange’s turnovers this season came in one game (UVA), so they’ve been fortunate there. And I’m just not sure I buy Garrett Shrader’s improvement. But we’ll see, won’t we!