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Dave Doeren has no interest in naming a starting quarterback before kickoff

What’s a quarterback?

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Gamesmanship: does it do anything? Is it helpful? Who knows! What we can say for sure is that coaches sure do enjoy partaking when they can. Like when a quarterback situation is unclear, for instance.

Who will start this week? I really couldn’t tell you, which is to say that I’m not going to tell you. Could be the head trainer. Maybe we’ll run the wildcat all day. (For Alec’s sake, I hope that is not the case.)

I couldn’t tell you because Dave Doeren doesn’t want to tell anybody. During his brief media availability yesterday, he wouldn’t even confirm that Jack Chambers would be the starter if Devin Leary can’t play, saying “you’ll find out on game day.

I’m still assuming that Leary’s injury is closer to a week-to-week thing rather than day-to-day, but who knows. Vegas line movement can offer a clue about these things, and there’s not been much on that front this week.