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NC State finds its way past Florida State, 19-17, somehow

What’s this now?

Florida State v NC State Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

Let me explain. No, there is too much; allow me to sum up.

This is twice now this season that NC State has made it incredibly difficult to put into words how it won a football game. I thought the ECU win was a work of art, but this one, man, let me tell you, this one here, wow, there’s well I don’t even know about this one.

NC State was so bad offensively in the first half that people were booing on just about every offensive possession; meanwhile, FSU and Jordan Travis were taking full advantage of some lazy tendencies by the Wolfpack defense, and the result of all of this was a two-touchdown Seminoles lead at halftime.

After the break, NC State came right out and scored a touchdown, then kept the game in place by playing a hell of a lot better defensively, which ultimately allowed the offense to drag the score into its favor via field goal.

Along the way, the Wolfpack lost Devin Leary to a shoulder injury that hopefully is not serious—pressing into action Jack Chambers, who did an admirable job with the plays he was given.

NC State ran the ball a lot better in the second half while also shutting off the explosive plays from FSU’s offense, and wouldn’t you know it, that made a huge difference.

The real difference was Christopher Dunn, who was perfect on four field goal tries, including one from well beyond 50 yards, and yet was deprived from going 5-5 because Dave likes drama.

Dunn knocked through a 52-yarder early in the fourth that brought NC State to within one point, and there with about six minutes left, the Pack up two thanks to another Dunn field goal, Dave opted to eschew another 50-plus attempt in favor of punting and leaving the ball in Jordan Travis’ hands.

Personally, I would never do that. And Travis marched FSU right on into field goal range there in the final minute. But ... well, you know. The Seminoles never even had a chance at that game-winning field goal because Travis’ jump-ball toss into the end zone was picked by Devan Boykin. FSU was trying to steal the game properly rather than leave it in the hands of their iffy kicker, but good ideas often end up looking like bad ones in football.

Just as the reverse was true for the Pack.

I was furious about all of that right up until Boykin came down with that ball. Then I got over it.