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NC State loses at Louisville, 25-10

Syndication: The Montgomery Advertiser Scott Utterback/Courier Journal / USA TODAY NETWORK

You ever think about the vastness of the universe? The universe is billions of years old, and our particular spot in it is relatively young, only like five billion. Still pretty old, but not that old, just speaking in terms of the vastness of the universe.

Any time you want to look up at the night sky, there’s thousands of lights up there, and a lot of them are just as old, if not older. Stars in other galaxies that have been around forever, as far we know, perhaps surrounded by who-knows-how-many habitable planets.

So I was thinking about this earlier: what’s the odds that there are some alien guys on a planet like seven-billion light years in one direction or another who are currently in utter and total solidarity with us, sports-wise? Who knows what the sport is even called or how they play it, and maybe theirs also involves taking the skulls of the young—but regardless, there’s probably some guys complaining about it, disappointed by how it turned out, commiserating amongst themselves about curses, right?

I think that’s nice. Makes this whole deal feel like one big community. Do you think they have podcasts? And couches? Maybe they’re all 15-feet-tall, so they have big couches. Maybe they don’t, though. Maybe they don’t need houses at all, or walls, other than the ones imposed on them emotionally by their stupid underachieving blorkball team.