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NC State guts out a 30-27 double-overtime win over UNC

What a time to be alive.

NC State v North Carolina Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Oh my god. Oh wow. Whew. What? Huh? Oh my god.

I about blacked out seven different times between the fourth quarter and overtimes, which by my count, took about three hours. Holy sweet mother of hell. What time is it? Am I alive?

It feels like I just watched two games, and the second one started with Tanner Ingle’s incredible interception in the fourth quarter. NC State took advantage of that play to go ahead 24-17 on a great back-shoulder throw from Ben Finley to Devin Carter, who showed up large in this one.

That late touchdown lead was huge, because of course UNC wasn’t about to just go out with no answer. The Tar Heels converted on three fourth downs (one via penalty) on their last drive in regulation to tie the game as time expired.

It’d have been easy for the Wolfpack to let that drive beat them in overtime, but instead, the defense stepped up like it had for most of the day, and forced UNC to kick field goals. The defense’s hold in the first OT gave State’s offense the chance to go win it, but after pushing inside the 10, a procedure penalty derailed the possession and led State to settle for the tying field goal.

NC State got stopped again in the second overtime, again after moving inside the 10, and again Chris Dunn was true. There was no bigger spot this season than that next UNC possession for this veteran defense, where giving up a touchdown meant defeat. They did the job, forced the field goal try, and UNC missed. The defense absolutely earned this victory.

What a beautiful, sweet victory it is. And very hilarious, don’t forget that. Two straight years of incredible schadenfreude to enjoy; what a Thanksgiving bounty this is.