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We are having all of the salt, thank you


NC State v North Carolina Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

What’s a good rivalry win without just rubbing it in at every possible opportunity? Ben Finley managed to drop a reference to his brother’s “Carter-Finley North” remark while also throwing this one out there:

That’s some seriously impressive trolling for a dude starting his first game; he has clearly been keeping the receipts, and I’ve never been prouder of an athlete in my life. Think about the day he just had. Head spinning, starting a game on the road against UNC, trying to salvage what has been a rough few weeks, and then delivering.

Actually, I can imagine exactly why he’s responded like he has.

Put all that salt on there. Pour it all on out. Make the jokes, stab that flag into the deep rubber of that garbage field, after every single person rooting for the other side has rushed out to see what’s going on with the UNC basketball team. There aren’t even enough people left in that building in light blue to make this a controversy next year; they didn’t notice. None of them saw it. That’s UNC football, baby.