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Highlights! Oh we of little faith

NCAA Football: Wake Forest at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

I repeat the mantra over and over—that this is a team much tougher than I am, that it cares a lot more about its legacy and is willing to do something about it. And yet I keep on doubting.

It gets tough sometimes, for me, you see; as if it doesn’t ever get tough for the guys living it. I’m so happy for them today, thrilled for that last stop, and that final missed field goal.

Of course these guys wanted to take this one as a defining moment for their careers, and they did that. And Ben Finley managed to step up for every single veteran on the team; there’s not been a better performance under pressure than Ben Finley’s, which had to come as a defining game for a lot of veterans.

And so what can you say? What a phenomenal job to step into a spot and make good. What a phenomenal job by State’s defense; this was without a doubt the best performance that they had all season. And we had no faith that they could do it.

This is the nice thing about sports. You can write a team off, and you are going to put yourself through it, but they don’t. They never do.