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Three shots at victory over Wake Forest

What it will take to get the W this week

Wake Forest v North Carolina State Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images

SHOT #1: Bring the pressure

Gonna keep this one short: bring the pressure. In Wake Forest’s two lowest-scoring efforts of the year (31 points vs FSU, 21 points vs Louisville), the Demon Deacons offensive line surrendered a total of 12 sacks. They’ve only allowed 12 sacks combined in their other six games.

Against a QB with 43 games of experience at this level and leading an offense with few weaknesses, this is the one that’s there. The Wolfpack haven’t been great at getting to the QB this year, but if they can get pressure on Sam Hartman, that’ll at least give them a shot at slowing down the Deacs offense enough to let the Pack offense make noise of its own.

SHOT #2: Play to win it with the offense

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the offense should go all Rex Grossman level and just air it out for the sake of airing it out. As Alec pointed out after the win over Virginia Tech, the Wolfpack coaches playing ultra conservative will do the team no favors.

Over the last two meetings between these teams with Sam Hartman running the Wake Forest offense, the Deacs have put up 42 and 45 points. This year’s Wake offense is no different. NC State is going to need to put points on the board if they’re going to pull out the win. And no lead is sufficient until the clock hits zeros. Up three scores in the 1st half? Awesome! Now keep attacking!

Screen plays and swing passes have their place and time, but I believe I speak for all Wolfpack fans when I say that we’ve seen enough of those over the last six quarters to last a lifetime. Running that same bland play-not-to-lose style will surely result in a loss this week.

Trust M.J. Morris, run the offense, and play as though your offense is your strength.

SHOT #3: Old Grand-Dad Straight Bourbon

What liquor is more fitting of a matchup against a team with an old ass man as the mascot than a bourbon named for a dude who lived 250 years ago?

The bourbon? Old Grand-Dad. The man it’s named for? Meredith Basil Hayden, Sr. Yes, the same man that the Basil Hayden bourbon brand is named after.

I could only hope to live a life worthy of having a pair of fine bourbon’s named in my honor. Alas, I type myriad words into the internet void for people to read on their phones while they take a dump. So close...

Old Grand-Dad Straight Bourbon was my grandfather’s bourbon of choice, it’s my dad’s go-to, and it could be called the PirateWolf house bourbon if there was one. There’s always a bottle around. Just a simply solid and versatile bourbon that can be enjoyed neat, and priced where you don’t feel bad using it in a mixed drink.

Back to that connection between Basil Hayden and Old Grand-Dad. Basil Hayden is a much newer bourbon (only been around for 30 years) compared to its 182-year-old brother, but it uses the same base recipe, obviously with a different flavor profile. To me, Basil Hayden is a watered-down version of Old Grand-Dad (I’m sure someone is going to fight me in the comments over that statement).

Old Grand-Dad 114, by the way, is sooo smooth.

So get yourself a shot, enjoy the game, and Go Pack!