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Highlights! NC State exorcises the Demon Deacons

Big plays big days.

Wake Forest v NC State Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

NC State showed its toughness on Saturday night, showed how it hadn’t even remotely thought about giving up on this season after Devin Leary got hurt. Can’t give these guys enough credit for how hard they’ve worked to earn exactly the kind of night they got against Wake Forest.

That’s the advantage of a veteran team, and of this one in particular: I think we’ve all felt deflated over the last month or so, but I don’t think any of us at any point worried that this team was going to quit. Nobody’s quit.

State still has a big month ahead of it, after clearing this initial hurdle. These guys want to win 10 games. That’s been an undercurrent to this season after what happened in San Diego last December, and none of them have forgotten about it.

They also wanted to deliver some revenge to Wake Forest, and they’ve done that now. They’re in a spot where they can set a new record for wins in a row at home. This stuff is personal, and important, which you can see clearly when Dave Doeren talks about it.

Beating Wake means a lot to all of us. (Who knew!) I damn well appreciate it, that’s for sure, because fuck those guys. Let’s go win 10.