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Homefield Apparel’s NC State collection is here and it is spectacular

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If you’re like me, then you’ve been frustrated while trying to find some NC State gear that has some good retro character to it—or any unique character at all, really. Somebody should really do something about that.

Turns out, somebody has! Homefield Apparel released its NC State collection at noon, and I promise you’re going to want at least a few of these:

If you aren’t familiar with Homefield, they have a unique approach to the whole process: take a deep dive into a school’s archives, find good stuff that maybe even diehard alums have forgotten about, and create apparel that feels more personal.

What that means specifically here is a heavy dose of the slobberin’ wolf, some great looks honoring NC State’s basketball national championships, and I don’t know where else you’re going to find a Howling Cow shirt quite like that one.

It’s gear you will not find anywhere else, the shirts are excellent quality, and comfy, too. (I’m wearing one of Homefield’s shirts right now, matter of fact.)

My personal favorite from this NCSU collection is the Dear Old NC State football shirt, but I also love Mr. Wuf peeking around the No. 1 like, “yeah, what about it?”

You can head over to Homefield Apparel right now and start shopping, and as an added bonus, use the promo code BACKINGTHEPACK to get 15% off of your order.