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Dave Doeren offers some spring updates at NC State’s pro day

NCAA Football: Clemson at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

NC State held its pro day on Wednesday, and there were plenty of NFL personnel in town to get another look at Ickey Ekwonu before the draft a month from now. Ekwonu is still widely expected to go somewhere in the top five.

Dave Doeren took some time afterward to answer questions and had this to say when asked about Ickey:

We’re hearing first round, top-5 pick most common. Whether it’s first overall, we know the Jaguars really like him, we know the Jets really like him, the Giants really like him. These teams seem to be the most involved in talking about him with us. Pro day was really just bench press for him, he did everything else at the NFL [Combine]. He did a great job on the bench, but he was really there more to support his teammates. He was front and center cheering guys on in every drill and showing his love for his team. I think he put himself in a great position at the Combine, he did a really good job. I think he answered all the questions we get, usually about what type of person he is, how’s he gonna learn football, can he play multiple positions. They get him in those interviews and I know he killed it. I think he’s done everything he can do to this point, and now it’s really gonna come down to who wants to take him over somebody else or the needs of their club. His pro day was great, our guys had a really good day yesterday.

Doeren also answered questions about his program’s progress this spring, discussing which players have stood out to him on both sides of the ball so far. There are some key contributors who are sitting out at this point, which has provided opportunities for other guys to get more reps.

Doeren said that Chandler Zavala’s status hasn’t changed—the lawyer NC State hired on his behalf is still in the “fact finding” process and hasn’t presented their case to the NCAA yet.

The spring game is right around the corner and Doeren said he still hasn’t decided whether or not there will be tackling; that’ll depend on the team’s health situation. Regardless, the spring game will be televised by ACC Network.

Inside Pack Sports has the full transcript and video of Doeren’s remarks from yesterday.