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Stolen: 1973 NC State ACC Football Championship Ring

Just a shot-in-the-dark effort to try and get back a sentimental piece of Wolfpack history

NC State University Libraries Digital Collections

As you’re all undoubtedly aware, I’m a dual-alliance fan of both NC State and East Carolina, holding degrees from both institutions. My Wolfpack fandom runs deepest, having been instilled in me from birth - seriously, the first not-in-the-hospital picture of me is in an NC State Wolfpack football shirt, and even the diaper I had on featured the Block S logo.

The reason the love of all things NC State came at such an early age is, as some of you long-time BTP readers may know, because my father played and coached football at NC State. Wolfpack football has been and still is as much a part of my father’s life as anything. Always has been and always will be.

And it is with this in mind, and in incredible desperation, that I write this post.

Last week, my father’s 1973 NC State ACC Championship ring was stolen from his home in Raleigh. Now, I know exactly who took the ring, but I won’t name that person, their company, or profession, and without hard evidence there’s only so much that law enforcement can do at this time.

So I’m turning to you, Wolfpack Nation, in hopes that more eyes and ears may help return what is a priceless and cherished item. If you see or hear of a 1973 NC State ACC Championship ring being sold, please let me know. If you happen in a shop that sells second-hand jewelry, take a look at the case and see if it catches your eye. If you know of any websites that may sell unique and rare items like this, please take a gander (and pass them along in the comments if it’s somewhere I should keep an eye on in the future). Hell, if you see it, buy it and I will gladly pay you whatever it costs plus a finder’s fee.

The ring is large, made of gold with a red football-shaped ruby on top with the N-S-C logo on it and three smaller red jewels on each side. The words “ACC Champions” is listed above the red football and there is a Liberty Bowl logo on one side, noting the Wolfpack’s postseason victory over #19 Kansas with the game’s score also listed. Here’s a small, grainy photo. It’s the best that I have right now.

This is a crappy situation and it sucks that there are people in the world who do this, but any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Go State!

Update | Big thanks to Mark Wilks for pictures of his ring for reference: