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Mail call! Submit your questions for the BTP mailbag!

That’s a football stadium!

Aerial View - Carter-Finley Stadium Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

Welcome to the next BTP Mailbag Ask-us-anything Bonanza!

These have been going great, thank you for all the great questions. Let’s keep this coming. Hopefully this time won’t get jacked up with surprising people with a whole new comments system. In hindsight it’s good they did that in the spring and not something like the week of the Clemson game.

Okay, so like before, ask about whatever you would like to see discussed. Again, anything is on the table. June is right around the corner, so close we can smell it. We can get funky with the questions if you want. Why not ask Alec something about bass fishing? I’m sure he can write 10,000 words on it. That’s good summer content.

Post your questions in the comments below or on twitter with the hashtag #BTPMailbag. Now here are Devin Leary and Emeka Emezie tearing the hearts out of UNC fans while we drink their tears: