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Devin Leary’s Heisman campaign gets a soft launch

Can’t hurt to start puttin’ the word out.

NC State v Wake Forest Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Devin Leary’s Heisman campaign got underway on Monday—or rather, since the word “Heisman” isn’t used anywhere, I guess it’s more of a building-awareness campaign at this point. NC State unveiled along with a hype video yesterday.

The website is there primarily to highlight a bunch of Leary’s statistical accomplishments, most of which you’re probably familiar with, being the expert Devin Leary-knower that you are.

This is laying the foundation for a serious Heisman campaign in the fall assuming both Leary and and the team are as good as we think they will be. It’s smart to start now because a place like NC State really has to sell its players to get them onto the national radar. Can’t just show up in the uniform and let the hype build automatically, alas.

Whether he ends up a serious Heisman candidate or not, doing stuff like this also shows how the program will support its players, and kids pay attention to these things. (Always be recruiting.)