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Savion Jackson will don the No. 9 jersey in 2022

It’s slimming.

NCAA Football: Clemson at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

If it seems like Savion Jackson is everywhere this fall, it’s because he divided by 10 this offseason. Dave Doeren chose Jackson to wear the No. 9, which is an honored number in the program, for the 2022 season. Nobody wore that number in 2021.

That’s a number you gotta earn, after what Mario Williams and Bradley Chubb accomplished at NC State in the No. 9 jersey. Comes with a fancy patch on it and everything. I’m going to take this as a sign that Dave thinks Jackson is poised for a very big fall—I mean, it is officially June, and a breakout year from him would be significant for the defensive line.

Other players have changed numbers as well this offseason, though rather than simply list them in the above-linked release, the athletics department is making us comb the roster. Of note, defensive tackle Josh Harris is now No. 0, and I highly approve of a fat guy wearing No. 0.

Wide receiver Anthony Smith flipped to No. 7, and running back Demi Sumo will wear the zero on the offensive side. Zero-heroes! Nobody’s listed with the No. 79 (Ickey) or No. 86 (Emeka) on the current roster. Seems right.

Lastly, I’m told that Payton Wilson has filed a waiver to change his number to 259, which is the number of tackles he intends to have this season.