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Recapping NC State’s day at ACC Kickoff 2022

Syndication: The Fayetteville Observer Ken Ruinard / USA Today Network / USA TODAY NETWORK

Dave Doeren, Devin Leary, Isaiah Moore, and Drake Thomas went through the ACC media car wash at ACC Kickoff on Wednesday, and here are some of the highlights. There were plenty of questions about the Pack’s expectations heading into 2022, and of course Devin Leary was at the center of a lot of the discussion.

If you’d like to read the transcript from their press conference session, you can do so here. And did anyone else know this about Leary? This was news to me, anyway:

THE MODERATOR: I’m curious for the room to learn this, you are predominantly left-handed, but you learned to throw with your right?

DEVIN LEARY: Yes, sir.

THE MODERATOR: How is it in your childhood that you learned to throw with your right?

DEVIN LEARY: Growing up just from an early age I did everything left-handed. I still write left-handed to this day. My dad is actually a completely left-handed person as well. He was a pitcher in college.

Growing up he thought I was going to be a left-handed pitcher, and I think I was five years old. I was throwing left-handed my whole life until then. One day I picked up my older brother’s glove and tried out righty, and turned out I could throw a little bit better with my right arm. I just stuck with it.

That right arm is going to get him to the NFL, so I’d say he made the right decision there. Maybe that’s why I’m not in the league—I do nearly everything lefthanded, including throwing a football. Yep, that’s probably the only reason why I’m not in the NFL and also never played football at any level.