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NC State football adds Richmond and NC A&T to future schedules

Richmond at North Carolina State Ethan Hyman/Raleigh News & Observer/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

NC State has added a couple of non-conference home games to its future schedules: Richmond in 2026 and NC A&T in 2027. Brett McMurphy tweeted about it this afternoon which is how I learned about it, but apparently this news was included in the new media guide.

If the media guide is going to break news, I guess I’ll have to start reading the media guide. Hold on one sec, I’m going to go check the last page for easter eggs.


Nope, don’t see anything. Could be there’s scheduling news written in invisible ink, though. Will have to follow up on that later.

Anyway, with the addition of Richmond in ‘26, NC State now has three non-conference opponents set; the Wolfpack is also scheduled to host Florida and go to Vanderbilt. Will both of those games stay on the schedule? Who knows! Just part of the excitement of scheduling so far into the future! I’d expect a bad Group-of-Five team to be added to the slate regardless.

In 2027, State is scheduled for it’s return trip to Texas Tech in addition to hosting NC A&T. That should make for two Group-of-Five schools to round things out.