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Holiday Bowl heartbreak still serving as motivation for NC State

East Carolina v North Carolina State Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

The first episode of the ACC Network’s behind-the-scenes look at NC State football aired last night, and if you missed it, it looks like the next re-airing is going to be on Friday. (They’re also going to show it again prior to episode two’s premiere on the 21st.)

The initial installment focused on the offseason leading up to the start of fall camp, including a look back at the circumstances surrounding the cancelation of the Holiday Bowl, which you can watch in the below segment.

It’s still a bit painful to rehash that debacle, especially when seeing how excited everyone was in the leadup to kickoff. The team gave up Christmas at home to go play this game only to have it ripped away from them at the last second—timing that also made it next to impossible to find a replacement opponent. Boo Corrigan had the difficult task of delivering that news to the team.

You can see the raw emotion of those moments on display, and it’s not surprising that lingers as motivation for the program as it gets ready for 2022.