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I don’t think we have to worry about Dave Doeren going to Nebraska

We don’t have to keep an eye on this, do we?

Florida State v North Carolina State Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

Scott Frost finally lost his job at Nebraska over the weekend, the death blow served by Georgia Southern—just as we all knew it would be. In an initial list of potential replacement candidates, ESPN’s Andy Rittenberg included Dave Doeren, which of course led to a question about that during Dave’s afternoon presser:

Over the last 20 hours, your name’s been mentioned as a possible replacement for Scott Frost at Nebraska. Is that a position you’re interested in?

Dude, it’s week three of the season, man. I’m so fired up to coach my team this week. So no, I’m so excited about playing at home and coaching the Wolfpack. It’s not the first time that names have been on lists. So, it is what it is when you talk about that, but I can’t wait to get ready for this game.

This is a big one for us and a big season and a great group of guys. So that’s where my head and my heart is.

Doeren’s midwestern roots make him a logical possible candidate, I suppose, though I’m not sure how a move to Nebraska actually makes sense given what he’s established through a lot of hard work in Raleigh—and how much unrealistic pressure lives on the shoulders of any coach in Lincoln. That does not sound like a fun job to me, nevermind the whole moving to Nebraska thing.

But anyway, it seems highly unlikely that Doeren will become a major target of Nebraska’s; early indications are that the Huskers have their eyes on Iowa State’s Matt Campbell, and that the interest is mutual.