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Three shots at victory over UConn

What it will take to get the W this week

N.C. State v Connecticut Football Ethan Hyman/Raleigh News & Observer/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

SHOT #1: Force the Huskies to throw the ball

This one is kind of obvious. UConn is down their starting quarterback and has a true freshman, Zion Turner, starting under center. To compound issues, the Huskies’ top receiver, SO Keelan Marion, is out with a broken collarbone. UConn is averaging just 105 yards passing through their first four games.

Now Turner is super talented, as evidenced by his high school recruitment that included offers from four SEC schools (Arkansas, Kentucky, LSU, Texas A&M) and three ACC schools (Louisville, Miami, Pittsburgh), but forcing the Huskies to air it out is the best path to victory.

Of course, the flip side to there is that UConn’s offensive line has only allowed four sacks this year, so they’re doing a good job holding up against the pass rush. Also, Turner has some wheels and, as has been mentioned here before, it’s the running QBs that have typically given Tony Gibson’s Wolfpack defenses the most fits. Still, putting the game on the arm of a true freshman in a hostile road environment is a good game plan for success.

SHOT #2: Don’t beat yourself

The Wolfpack are averaging 8.0 penalties per game for an average of 68.7 yards per game going in the wrong direction. That’s an issue. Self-inflicted wounds will only help to keep a team like UConn alive and in the game. Cleaning up the penalties will force the Huskies to have to man up with State, a matchup which favors the Pack.

SHOT #3: Dingle Gin

I really struggled with this one. When you think of Connecticut, what do you think of? And better yet, what liquor do you think of when you think of Connecticut?

Well, to answer the first question, I mainly think of people like this. And then I think back to my spirit animal and what he wisely said on the subject:

Fair point, Mr. Swanson! Gin sounds like it’s just about the perfect liquor to describe Connecticut.

Now comes the hard part: finding a bottle of gin in my liquor cabinet. I really don’t drink the stuff.

Oh, wait! There’s one! Well, the bottle is now being used as a soap dispenser, but it’s technically the only bottle of gin I have and it came by way of a gift-to-self from a trip to Ireland.

Ladies and Gentlemen... Dingle Gin.

Dingle Gin is categorized as a London Dry Gin, but uses a mix of botanicals to create a more unique taste. Again, gin isn’t exactly in my regular rotation, but I obviously drank it, so it can’t be that bad (looking at you, half-drank bottles of awfulness crammed in the back of the liquor cabinet). If nothing else, go visit the wonderfully beautiful town of Dingle, Ireland. It’s a gorgeous place, the people are awesome, [side note: RIP Dingle Brewing Company and your tasty Tom Crean’s Irish Lager], and there’s plenty of live music, fresh seafood, and tasty beverage options.

The last time I was in Dingle and visited the Dingle Distillery, their whiskey wasn’t ready yet, but you can bet next time I’m over there that I’ll be dropping in to give it a shot.

So go pick you up a bottle of Din... oh, crap. Kind of a dick move recommending a bottle of something that’s not available in North Carolina. Well, Total Wine carries it in some places in the US, so maybe look for it...?

Well, go grab the drink of your choice this week, y’all, and have yourself a shot!