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NC State rolls past UConn, 41-10

The backups got in.

Connecticut v NC State Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

Devin Leary and the NC State offense did not need a lot of time to get rolling on Saturday night—actually one play was enough. Leary connected with Thayer Thomas on the first play from scrimmage for a 75-yard touchdown, and the rout was on in a hurry.

NC State pushed its lead to 31-0 in the firs half as the Wolfpack worked in its second-stringers early—maybe you missed it, but even the backup field goal kicker got into this game. That’s right, Christopher Dunn got a break in this one.

(That’s rough, man. Other team putting in the backup kicker on you. But very funny.)

Devin Leary threw for four touchdowns, the first of those a jump ball for Thayer Thomas, who adjusted and came back for the ball, then streaked the rest of the way home on the witless UConn secondary. If there’s a better way to start a game, I haven’t seen it.

Leary got plenty of work in the red zone as the Pack chose to focus on some execution it’s probably going to need next week. Also, Porter Rooks finally got into the end zone (officially). Congrats, Porter!

NC State was basically just working on things for this entire game, and it could have been a 80-0 blowout but Dave Doeren isn’t that mean. Just mean in a more subtle, we’re-playing-the-backup-kicker kind of way.

So congrats to Collin Smith, who put home his first career field goal, and is now 1-2 in his brief career. He had the opportunity to miss a field goal, which is very funny. Dave’s actually a low-key comedian. I’m cracking up just thinking about this.