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The ACC in SP+ after Week 4

Connecticut v NC State Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

Some ACC teams have taken care of business since we checked in on SP+ two weeks ago, while many others have ... uh, partaken of the full spectrum of college football experience. That actually doesn’t sound bad at all. Put that on an ACC billboard; maybe it’ll help the brand.

Clemson is still on top of the league, but what’s this? The Tigers are outside of the SP+ top 10?! I have no idea when that last happened. NC State is right there behind them:

ACC in SP+

Team SP+ Rk After Week 2 SP+ Rk After Week 4 Change
Team SP+ Rk After Week 2 SP+ Rk After Week 4 Change
Clemson 7 13 -6
NC State 23 20 3
FSU 35 33 2
Pitt 33 37 -4
Wake Forest 37 42 -5
Miami 24 45 -21
Louisville 55 49 6
Syracuse 54 59 -5
UNC 44 67 -23
Virginia Tech 65 79 -14
Virginia 75 81 -6
Duke 103 85 18
BC 78 93 -15
Georgia Tech 92 103 -11

At this point, SP+ sees a two-point difference between Clemson and NC State on a neutral field. So call it Clemson -4.5 with home field factored in—that’s tighter than Vegas sees it.

Elsewhere, Florida State looks increasingly like a team that could win the division as long as Jordan Travis is healthy. Dude has been fantastic this year. Of course, it does help to play Boston College, which still looks like the worst team in the Atlantic. The Eagles and the now-headless Yellow Jackets may fight it out for league’s worst.

That Duke isn’t in that discussion definitely stands as progress, and the Blue Devils have a pretty good shot at bowl eligibility despite losing at Kansas over the weekend.

Wake Forest dropped the heartbreaker to Clemson but proved as usual that it can score points with the best of ‘em. Syracuse eked out another tight victory to remain undefeated—and take sole possession of first in the division.

The less said about the week Virginia Tech and Miami had, the better. And the more you think about the week UNC had, the funnier it gets.

The ACC has five teams in the AP Poll, though SP+ suggests that maybe the league won’t be as deep as we figured. Fortunately, it’s the human poll that matters when it comes to national perception.