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Highlights! Improbable wins are the best wins

NCAA Football: North Carolina State at East Carolina James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

Well, there’s clearly something going on here. Based on the improbable results of the last two games NC State has played, some sort of powerful luck device is in play. Did Dave Doeren take up archaeology only to uncover an ancient Orb of Great Fortune? Did he have the turnover bone blessed by a strange old man at a traveling carnival? Was your lucky shirt doused in holy water?

We may never know. It might be better if we never know. But nobody change nothin’. Wearing the same clothes, sitting in the same place to watch the game, eating the same breakfast—there’s no telling what’s contributing to all this good luck, and we don’t want to go messing anything up.

No need to explain it, in the end, just to enjoy it. A team probably needs a win like this somewhere in a special season, and while State really upped the difficulty to an unneeded degree, but that did allow the way this game ended to be ten times funnier.