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Three shots at victory over Charleston Southern

What it will take to get the W this week

NCAA Football: Charleston Southern at South Carolina Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

SHOT #1: Make Charleston Southern one dimensional

In their loss last week to Western Carolina, after adjusting for sacks, Charleston Southern ran the ball 21 times for 183 yards (8.7 yards/carry). Now 83 of those yards came on two runs, including a 60-yard run by J.D. Moore, but even removing those two chunk plays leaves the Buccaneers averaging 5.3 yards/carry in the game. T.J. Ruff was the star of the game for Charleston Southern. The under-recruited Shelby, NC, native rushed 9 times for 60 yards and hauled in 9 passes for 99 yards.

The other benefit to making Charleston Southern air it out more: it gives State’s defense more opportunities to wear down the Buccaneers O-line. Western Carolina registered six sacks last week on 52 dropbacks. If the Catamount D-line can get the QB to the ground on 11.5% of pass plays, the Wolfpack should be able to find a little more success - although just matching that success would be fine enough.

Yes, QB Ross Malmgren threw for 392 yards and 5 TDs (with 1 INT) in just his second career start, but shutting down the Buccaneers running game and forcing a QB who has just 113 career passing attempts to beat you through the air is the recipe for success for the Pack.

SHOT #2: Give Devin Leary time to cook

NC State’s offensive line wasn’t spectacular last week in the win over East Carolina, but they did a good job at keeping Devin Leary upright. The Pirates were able to get pressure in a few spots, but allowing just one sack on 34 dropbacks will get the job done. Basically, the woes with the passing game last week were not on the O-line.

If the Pack can again give Leary time to work in the pocket and find the open receiver, my money would be on a much better performance from the State QB.

SHOT #3: Ten To One Caribbean Dark Rum

Well, it was the Pirates last week and it’s the Buccaneers this week, so I’m going to stick with rum again. Is it lazy? Yeah. Do I care? No.

And here’s why (and for those who read the comments last week, I’ve already tipped my hand): I have a new favorite rum.

Last Friday night I picked up a bottle of Ten To One Caribbean dark rum, something I hadn’t tried before. It’s a blended rum from four Caribbean sources which is then aged in old bourbon casks. I’m personally a whiskey (both with or without the e) guy, and this is really the first rum I’ve had that drinks neat like a whiskey.

And I know one of the knocks against my rum pick last week (*cough*1thack*cough*) was the added sugar, color, and artificial flavor. Well, Ten To One doesn’t have any of that.

This stuff is gooooooooooood!