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Idea: NC State should try scoring more points

NCAA Football: North Carolina State at Duke Jaylynn Nash-USA TODAY Sports

After spending some time combing through the numbers and doing some deep analysis, I’ve come to a conclusion that, while perhaps unconventional, makes a lot of sense to me: NC State might be more successful if it scored more points.

It’s nothing personal against the number three, or the number 10—these are fine, perfectly good numbers. But I feel that for our football purposes, they are inadequate. We should try some larger ones out, see how those feel. No need for a long-term commitment here, just a willingness to experiment and try new things. Take 35, for instance. That’s a pretty good number, too. I bet 35 could bring a world of new and enlightening perspectives to the football team.

But State will have to leave its comfort zone.

I’m detecting a strong hint of point avoidance from the above numbers. Failing to score any points on nearly half of all your drives into opponent territory is, frankly, not a good way to score points. In fact it tends to result in just the opposite.

NC State also ranks 99th in red zone scoring percentage, having left five trips into that part of the field with no points. This is simply not working. The name of the game is to win the game, and you play to win the game, and in order to win while playing to win the game, you are going to need to place the football across the points line with a frequency such that you have more points than the other team does when all is said and done. Otherwise, you’re in trouble. That’s just my two cents.