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Gary Hahn attempts to exit the stage quietly

Marshall v NC State Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

Gary Hahn announced real quickly after NC State’s win over Clemson Saturday that he’s retiring after this season, that this is it for him. That’s some odd timing, unless you know his history.

It’s pretty pathetic that Hahn and NC State would choose to do this now, not that it’s surprising. Hahn, for all his credentials, for as good as he has been at this job, has become an embarrassment for his brain-warped Fox News gargled nonsense that he took to air.

NC State made a token suspension for those remarks, but never really cared. And very plainly, those remarks never mattered. Giving Gary Hahn a dignified retirement says exactly that. It doesn’t matter how stupid you are, how dumb your excuses, how badly your brain is poisoned; this is your legacy, and good for you.

Actually, now that I think about it—