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NC State drops Marshall, 48-41

Is this real life?

NCAA Football: Marshall at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Well. How do you frame that? What’s the easy way to put that one? I have no idea. I mean, MJ Morris began his first game as the starter this season by having a pass tipped for an interception, which set up Marshall in State territory. Later in the first quarter he made a horrifically bad throw on a theoretical screen pass that gifted seven to Marshall.

None of that needed to happen, nor did Marshall’s manufactured-for-free rally late in the second quarter.

Yeah. But anyway. But, whew, but wow. Man. Did you guys see that game? What a fun time we had there. Whew. Let me tell you what, I do not recommend getting into a shootout with Marshall in football.

What a year we’re having.