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Payton Wilson named first-team All-ACC; three other NC State players earn honors

North Carolina v NC State Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

The ACC released its all-conference teams on Tuesday, and to the surprise of nobody, Payton Wilson made the first team—he also received more votes than any other player, which suggests that he’s the league’s Defensive Player of the Year, at minimum. Maybe the overall Player of the Year?

Kevin Concepcion earned second-team honors, while Aydan White and Anthony Belton made the third team. Aydan White was playing a whole lot better than a third-team corner down the stretch of this season—once he got healthy, basically—but I guess not having a gaudy INT total hurts with your more casual ACC media voter.

Davin Vann is a notable absence (he’s only an honorable mention), though David Hale noted that the fact he was listed at DE on the ballot is likely the reason for this. Tough for guys who play more of a hybrid role to get their proper due sometimes. Hey, whatever, this doesn’t count for anything; I ain’t getting worked up about it.