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Highlights! Hey, who needs an offense anyway?

Miami v NC State Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

NC State has 433 yards of offense combined over the last two games and a point differential of +21, which is an impressive accomplishment. Hey, wait a minute, are we Iowa now? Well, there are worse fates, I suppose.

State ran fewer than 50 plays from scrimmage for the second straight week, but who even needs that many plays? A select 10-15 good ones accounting for, oh, two touchdown drives, let’s say—that’s plenty. No need to be getting greedy out there.

Miami ran 70 plays but averaged only 4.2 yards per play, which was easily its worst performance of the season (4.9 YPP against UVA the week prior was the previous low). The Hurricanes also finished just 4-15 on third downs, and 0-2 on fourth. That’ll do.

NC State has allowed an average of 5.0 YPP in league games, which is actually an improvement on 2022 (5.4 YPP). That unit has been unbelievable these last two weeks, obviously, and if it keeps playing like this, maybe the Pack is in for a stronger finish to the season than we thought.