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NC State a 2.5-point favorite against Wake Forest

Miami v NC State Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

NC State is heading to the house of horrors as the favorite, so what could possibly go wrong? I can’t think of anything.

State really does owe Wake Forest one in that infernal building, and this fall has emerged as an unexpected opportunity to beat the Demon Deacons in Winston-Salem for the first time in a while. That’s because Wake Forest’s efforts to replace Sam Hartman at quarterback have not gone well.

It’s definitely been strange to watch Wake, which still doesn’t lack for talent at receiver, struggle so much to throw the ball. I just kind of assumed they’d figure it out, but Mitch Griffis has been an adventure—he’s also been banged up, which doesn’t help.

Wake Forest QBs have 10 touchdown passes this season, but eight came in the first three weeks, against the likes of Elon, Vanderbilt, and Old Dominion. In the six games since then, the have two TD passes against six interceptions. Perhaps not coincidentally, the Deacs lost five of those six games.