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Mack Brown not yet in holiday spirit

NCAA Football: North Carolina at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday Mack Brown found it necessary to take a stand against the use of coarse language in the locker room, as one will do on National Signing Day.

There’s like five different things funny about this, and I had intended to address it sooner, but then I got distracted thinking about which of State’s flags will look best planted at midfield in Kenan next year. Perhaps the F from the cheer squad’s WOLFPACK set, for four in a row. Can’t really know until the moment arises, though.

The number one funny thing about this is Mack pointing out that his team is not in fact made up of pieces of shit. “I thought it was classless. It’s not true.” Important clarification there, Mack, thank you.

Now please, sir, carry on with being mad about a remark made by Dave to his team in the locker room in the immediate aftermath of a rivalry win.

Dave said in response yesterday that he called Brown a while back to apologize for the language after the video got out, so it is curious that Brown would choose to bring up the matter all over again, weeks later. What’s really eating at you, Mack? Because I don’t think it’s this.

Is it that your current losing streak in the series chips further away at your sanity as it grows longer? Is it that you used that flag planting from last season as motivation, only to watch it prove useless as your team was bullied all over the field? Looks to me like you have yourself some foundational problems over there, what with your inability to build a team that plays with even an ounce of toughness. It’s a program crafted in your image, no doubt about that, Mr. I Had To Apologize To My Guys For Doeren’s Words.

Is the answer here more shallow grandstanding like yesterday’s? Somehow I don’t think so.