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Photo gallery: Carter-Finley Stadium begins its transformation into hockey arena

The Canes host the Caps at Carter-Finley on Feb. 18.

2023 Navy Federal Credit Union NHL Stadium Series - Raleigh - Ice Truck Arrival & Build Out Photo by Jaylynn Nash/NHLI via Getty Images

It won’t be long now until Carter-Finley Stadium is hosting a real, live NHL game, which is bound to be surreal to watch. Preparations are underway already, of course, and the playing surface will be ready for the teams to practice on by next Friday.

The “flooding of the rink” takes a week. Also, that’s probably not as exciting as it sounds. But maybe it is! Maybe they tip a gigantic bucket of water into the rink, like I’m picturing in my head.

Anyway, if you’re curious about the stadium conversion, here are some photos from Getty taken over the last few days.