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Red tops White, 41-10, in NC State’s spring game

I just hope everyone had fun.

NC State v North Carolina Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Saturday’s conditions were not ideal for a football game, or for undertaking any outdoor activity, for that matter, but NC State nevertheless went forward with its spring game. The results were predictably sloppy, especially in the passing game. The Red Team, which consisted primarily of first-teamers on both sides of the ball, came away with the easy win.

Brennan Armstrong played with the Red Team and sat the entire second half, which probably says enough about how the quarterback competition stands at this point. He led the offense to a quick score on a short field on his first possession, but he had his problems trying to throw the ball in the rain throughout the first half.

Armstrong threw two interceptions—neither pass was a good one—and had the first of those taken to the house by Darius Edmundson. Wait a minute here. Darius Edmundson? Is that a real guy? Where’d he come from? I’m just gonna march right over to the roster and check that—oh, I see, yes, real guy. Seems he sneaked right under the radar and onto the team after a stint at Louisburg College. Dude had a nice PBU in the game, too. Good afternoon for him. (And the rest of the secondary.)

Armstrong finished 14-28 for 127 yards with zero touchdowns and the two picks. On the other side, the White Team did very little passing in the opening half. Once MJ Morris moved over to the Red Team in the second half, we got a few more fireworks.

Terrell Timmons produced the highlight of the day for the offenses, taking a short pass a long way after utilizing a fancy dance move to get free.

“A little lingerie on the deck!” as Bill Raftery would say.

Freshman receiver Kevin Concepcion had his moments as well, but this was not an afternoon conducive to a thriving passing game. On account of it being April, I’m choosing not to read anything into it.

Nice work by the Red Team defense to keep the backups out of the end zone, though. If there’s one truly compelling thing about an intra-squad scrimmage, it’s the shit-talking implications. Advantage first-team defense as we close out the spring.

If you missed the game and want to see it for yourself, it’s available on-demand via WatchESPN here. It will also air on the ACC Network at 2 p.m. on April 12. I guess the ACC Network is busy with other, more important re-runs on Monday and Tuesday.