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ACC announces establishment of unequal revenue sharing plan

NCAA Football: ACC Football Championship-Clemson at North Carolina Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The major theme of the ACC’s recent meetings was how to address the growing revenue gap between the league and the Big Two (SEC. Big TEN), not that there is anything to be done that can close that gap.

But there has been plenty of clamoring from certain schools (looking at you, FSU and Clemson) for an unequal revenue model that would reward on-field success in the revenue sports, which would theoretically give the league’s bigger brands a larger slice of the distribution pie.

The ACC announced just such a plan on Wednesday—a “success incentive initiative” that will begin in 2024-25. Details haven’t been settled, but the schools that achieve more postseason success—like making the CFP—will start getting more money for their accomplishments. Just how much of a financial boost that’ll prove to be remains to be seen.

Teams are still going to have to earn it; it’s not merely a “here, have some more money because you’re FSU” initiative, which is potentially bad news for FSU, since the Noles have gone nearly a decade without actually doing anything substantive on a football field.