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Devin Leary’s shoulder injury was a lot worse than we thought

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Devin Leary is still working his way back through a ridiculous amount of bad luck—the shitty hit he took from a Duke player that ended his 2020 season, and then the one he took from an FSU player in 2022.

ESPN’s David Hale caught up with Leary recently. The shoulder injury was worse than probably any of us guessed:

[Dr. James Andrews] offered two options. Leary could attempt to rehab the injury, and if all went perfectly, he could possibly throw during the combine or a pro day. But if the rehab didn’t remedy the problem, he’d need surgery, and he’d set his return date back even further. If he opted for immediate surgery, he faced an extended recovery that would see him plummet on draft boards. Oh, and just to add another wrinkle, it would be the first time Andrews would ever perform the required procedure on a quarterback.

Andrews, if you don’t know, is an expert in arm injuries and handles a lot of major surgeries for pro athletes—most of them are baseball players. That’s a pretty sobering perspective on what Devin had to go through.

It’s a lot. Hope he has a big year.