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Aydan White re-imagines the Tuffy logo

NC State v Syracuse Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images

I think we all agree that the Tuffy logo is a good logo, just as we all wonder from time to time, “what if it were classier? And also kind of terrifying? Like a soul falling into the deep void of hell?” Aydan White is here to help:

I like to think that hat was stolen from the Demon Deacon in the post-game celebration of the Pack’s win over Wake Forest last fall. Will we let the Deacon have it back? Possibly. He did officiate Mr. and Mrs. Wolf’s wedding. Nice guy, they say. But then again, there’s something about that dude I just don’t care for.

We’ll have to mull that over, while making sure not to look directly into the eyes of that drawing. Trust me, you do not want to look directly into the eyes of that drawing. I barely made it back out of there alive.