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NC State at No. 42 in final preseason SP+ projections

NCAA Football: North Carolina State at East Carolina James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

The final preseason SP+ projections were released yesterday, with NC State at 42nd—which is up four spots from where the Pack began in the initial 2023 projection from way back in February.

SP+ expects NC State to have a top-25 defense again and an offense that bounces back to average.

Here’s how State’s opponents stack up:

Schedule and SP+

Opponent SP+ Rk Offense Rk Defense Rk
Opponent SP+ Rk Offense Rk Defense Rk
UConn 125 127 97
Notre Dame 11 26 13
VMI n/a it stinks it also stinks
UVA 79 125 25
Louisville 40 50 22
Marshall 73 96 46
Duke 50 45 54
Clemson 7 14 8
Miami 37 49 21
Wake Forest 45 39 64
Virginia Tech 72 88 51
UNC 25 16 57

I’ve seen some lines for the UConn opener around NCSU -15, but SP+ here is saying that it’s really more like NCSU -24. SP+, needless to say, was entirely unimpressed by the Huskies’ surprise six-win 2022.

NC State will be a clear favorite in four other games, a clear underdog in two, and then there are five swing games (UL, Duke, Miami, Wake, UNC) to potentially define the season. That picture will probably change a bit, but that’s how SP+ sees it with just a couple weeks to go before the football starts happening.