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Just in time for football season, there’s a new NC State-branded beer

North Carolina v NC State Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

Why have one branded beer when you can have two? That’s what I always say. In our time of greatest need, it’s good to have options. NC State announced today a collaboration with R&D Brewing, noted producers of an extremely bland liquid called Storm Brew, for a Pack-branded version of R&D’s Riviera Mexican lager.

A new style trend destined to sweep Carter-Finley in the weeks ahead: a Riviera in one hand, an Old Tuffy in the other. Perhaps they even work together. We will need the courage to find out.

The first person to attempt a 50/50 pour of each to create what we’ll call the Pack and Tan gets a stadium urinal named after them. You’ll receive a name plate, of course, and if your BAC is high enough, the fight song plays as the urinal flushes. Additionally, Boo Corrigan will personally install a very small velvet rope to make entry into the stall more exclusive.