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NC State figures it out and beats UConn, 24-14

NCAA Football: North Carolina State at Connecticut David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

NC State spent a complicated evening slowly beating UConn at football, and while I don’t think that’s a great use of time, it certainly is one. NC State’s improvement offensively made the difference in this one, and established that it’s a new year.

Well, we hope.

NC State scored a touchdown on its first offensive drive, moving it right on down the field to answer UConn’s score; but after that? Well. There was some purgatory time. Do we necessarily hate purgatory time? We do not.

Because that generally means that the defense is cooking, and again all of this took time—including the cooking—but it did, as usual, work out.

NC State came out in the second half trying to push a 10-7 lead into a larger advantage and it did, eventually, and the Wolfpack did eventually find a takeaway. And that will tell you plenty about the tone you can set, the pressure you can exert, just by taking a lead